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Puppy Primer: A Guide To Raising Your New Puppy

Price: $99.00

The purpose of this eBook is to give you the knowledge I wish I had as a new puppy parent. Think, “What To Expect When You’re Expecting”, but for dogs! I will help you prepare for your puppy’s arrival as well as navigate those first few months which can be chaotic, sleepless, and messy. My goal is to start you off on the right foot so you have less work down the road. This guide is ideal for when your puppy is under 6 months old, but the content is also beneficial to parents of puppies at any age.

Inside the guide, you’ll get help with:

  • Recommended puppy supplies
  • Preventing common puppy problems through enrichment activities
  • Building a strong bond and training relationship
  • Managing dogs & kids
  • Puppy proofing your home
  • Potty training
  • Suggested daily routine
  • Learning dog body language
  • Puppy socialization

NOTE: This is NOT a training manual. Though training tips are provided throughout, the focus of this manual is on the day-to-day of raising a puppy and preventing problems that would normally lead you to call a trainer.

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