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If we had a dollar for every dollar we spent on a dog product that wasn’t worth the money – We’d break even! We don’t want you to make our mistakes and waste money on products that don’t work or aren’t quality.

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My clients usually say they tried training their dog on their own, but it didn`t seem to come together for real life. This is where having a certified dog trainer by your side really helps. We can see where your dog is starting, where you want them to be, and all the tiny steps in between that are often missed. We`re behavior nerds like that 🤓

Harvey has a habit of dashing out the front door, especially if there is something interesting on the other side. So here`s what we worked on:

1) Staying put when his person simply takes a step away from him.
2) Staying when his person takes multiple steps away from him.
3) Staying when his person walks out of sight briefly.
4) Staying while his person walks towards a door.
5) Staying while his person turns the knob and opens it a crack.
6) Staying while his person opens the door all the way.
7) Staying while his person opens the door and walks outside.
8) Staying while his person opens the door, walks outside, grabs a package, and brings it back inside.

I bet that`s more steps than you imagined! By breaking this situation down into small, digestible pieces for Harvey, this team was able to reach this level of proficiency without frustration and within a couple weeks.

👇 What behaviors are you currently working on so you can use it in real life? Let me know in the comments!

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