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How We Train

We offer private training lessons with you and your dog in the comfort of your home.

While most people picture taking their dog to a group class, private lessons are actually the ideal option for training your dog. Typically, your home is where the problem behaviors occur and where your dog will feel focused enough to learn. Depending on your training goals, private lessons may extend into the surrounding community. Sessions last 60 minutes and are accompanied by a homework handout for practice between sessions.

We use positive reinforcement training methods that are free of force, fear, pain, intimidation, and coercion.

Instead of “correcting” your dog for doing something ‘bad’, we work to prevent the unwanted behavior in the first place and teach your dog to do something you love instead. We reward your dog for making good choices and in turn those bad habits are replaced with behaviors you both enjoy. We choose this method of training because it is ethical, effective, efficient, and works for every dog.

Let's Get Started

Though we would love to train your dog forever, our goal is to give you the tools you need to confidently train your dog for the rest of their life so that you don't need us. That’s why we don’t just train dogs: we teach owners how to train their dogs.

  • Inquire

    Complete a brief online form to inquire about our training services.

  • Share

    When we are ready to bring you on as a new client, we'll collect background information about your dog and your training goals. We'll send you a welcome packet and schedule your initial consultation.

  • Consult

    Initial consultations last 1.5-2 hours and are held in your home. We will prioritize your goals and build a custom training plan. If time allows, we will implement some immediate solutions and start training with your dog.

    Pricing: $150 for homes within primary service area ($5 extra per visit for travel to secondary service area).

  • Train!

    Training sessions last 60 minutes and are held on a weekly basis.

    Pricing: Our rate is currently $75 per training sessions. New clients must purchase a package of at least 3 sessions to start.

Group Classes & Workshops

(Coming Soon)

We are currently on the hunt for a great location in Waco, TX to hold group dog training classes.

Follow us on social media (@theconfidenthound ) to be the first to know when classes become available.

We’d also love to hear from you about what types of classes or special topic workshops you would like us to offer. You can email us your ideas at

Here is a list of classes and workshops we hope to offer to the Waco community:

  • Puppy Socialization
  • Basic Manners
  • Advanced Manners
  • Introduction to Dog Agility
  • Reactive Dog Walking Workshop
  • Happy Vet/Groomer Visits